Simon Christie
Issues Of Interest
Here are some key issues I feel strongly about and which have influenced my decision to volunteer in local politics:

  • Knife and Gun Crime and Gang Related Violence - I'm deeply concerned about the high levels of youth crime in London. Whilst positive steps have been taken over the last few years, I still feel there is much more to be done. According to the group Surviving Our Streets, there have been more people killed in London by gun and knife violence during 2001 - 2010 than there were British Service Personnel killed in Afghanistan and Iraq combined during the same time. I don't feel the problem with gun and knife crime is being given enough attention and I'd like to continue to support groups who work in this area.

  • Local Business Support - At the heart of local communities are local businesses. In difficult economic times these businesses need strong support from the Labour Party to succeed and prosper. It is only through increased engagement and discussion that we can continue to assist and aid businesses that sustain the local economy and provide jobs for local resdients.

  • Affordable Housing - We must continue to strive to build more social and affordable housing. As our communities grow, they will not be served by increasing property prices that prohibit hardworking individuals and families from accessing the property ladder. As a resident previously on a shared ownership scheme, I know first-hand how beneficial housing schemes can be. I think we need to do more around areas of rent control, especially in London where rental prices continue to rise well beyond national levels. In addition, we must place help and support for families at the centre of what we do in the community. It is becoming more and more expensive to raise a family and the Labour Party needs to continue to aid with the access of services that make a difficult job a little bit easier.